Hi. It’s been a while and I feel like with all the changes that have happened over the last 6 months with Enchanted on Main, that I would do a blog post and catch you up! 


First of all, if you’re reading this right now I just want to say THANK YOU. The amount of support the Raleigh North Carolina community has given our boutique is truly humbling. We made the decision to close our Morrisville store last summer because the rent jumped thousands of dollars. Also, park west shopping center is not for small business owners which is so heartbreaking and unfortunate. We closed and put all of our eggs in to our downtown clayton location and also in two Painted Tree locations to better serve the triangle swifties- Because we all need our dose of Taylor Swift lol.


With that change came big drastic sale cuts. Downtown clayton just doesn’t have the same traffic Cary does and when you add that and the state of our economy, it’s just hard to own a business. Every small business owner I’ve talked to lately is struggling… and if im honest, my personality just doesn’t handle stress and overwhelm well. Owning a storefront just really took a toll on my mental health and well being. I had to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask myself if this is the path I wanted to keep taking knowing I wasn’t being the best wife, mom, and friend…and sometimes the hardest thing is to just be honest with yourself and to give your grace when you need it most and walk away from something even if it breaks your heart.


and truly friends, my heart is broken.

i feel like a failure.

i feel like I’ve let myself and our team down.

i can barely get out of bed lately. 

And I’m just trying to navigate how to pivot EOM to bring me joy and to serve our customers well… all while dressing you in the cutest summer dresses!


Which brings me to our next plan of attack! LOTS OF POP UPS. We have an updated pinned post that will tell you where you can find us each month :) If you have an event coming up you want us at, we would be so honored! Email us at hi@enchantedonmain.com.


We also have two painted tree boutique booths! One at Cary Crossroads at A18 and the other at Creedmore in Booth B17. These two permanent booths have a little bit of everything we love here at enchanted like clothes, pop culture items, mocktail tonics, and gifts! Stop by and tag us!


And lastly, we still have our website with $8 flat rate shipping. Fast, friendly, and fun packages going out daily to our best customers all over the US and we’re so thankful for that!


For now, im healing and spending lots of time with my kids. Praying and trying to see what God has next for EOM and myself. I know this season was special and I will take so many lessons and victories and failures for my future endeavors. 

I hope to see you our in our community! Building women up and supporting others will always be my main mission in life.



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