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How Clothes Can Make You Feel Better!

Written by Kelsey Mintz


Posted on April 01 2020

Hi friends! We are now going on week 2 (some of us even longer!) of social distancing and working from home. While some of us introverts might be thriving and loving this work from home atmosphere; for others, it might be a struggle. There are articles and advice everywhere about how to make the most of self-quarantine and how to stay on a schedule, be active, etc. but what about clothes?!

We want to give you some ideas on how clothes can easily affect your mood & help you get out of that self-quarantine funk you might be in!

One of the best things to do is at least one day a week, get up and get ready like you usually would for work. If you have a Zoom meeting, pull out that power blazer and feel good about yourself! By looking good and feeling comfortable in your clothes it will automatically translate and give you the confidence you need to crush it in that meeting!

Grab something bright & colorful out of your closet. Bright colors and fun prints are an automatic mood booster and will help fight away those unhappy thoughts and get you in the mood to accomplish all your goals. 

Shop for something new! We always feel better in a new outfit, am I right? Who says you have to go anywhere to look good?! Shopping helps alleviate stress, anxiety, and other signs of depression. Luckily for you we are putting out new arrivals every Tuesday and Friday during this time to help! 

Ultimately, we just want to bring a little light & positivity to y'all during this time and are hoping that bringing you new clothes will help! We continue to thank you for your support of our small business and are wishing for the health & safety of all! :) 



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