Well, a few weeks ago you filled out a questionnaire and said you wanted to see a mini blog from ME (which gosh, that’s so cool and nice!) So here we are!

First of all, HAPPY FRIDAY AND HAPPY APRIL. How in the freaking world are we already 1⁄4 of the way done with 2022? So wild. It’s even harder to believe we have already owned this slice of heaven we call Enchanted on Main for over a year.

In case you’re new here, I'm Frankie-Gene. The owner and buyer of Enchanted On Main. Actually, I co own it with my sweet husband Luke (he does all the behind the scenes stuff).
We met 13 years ago when we both were on a deployment in the Coast Guard. I heard his laugh without ever seeing his face and literally said to myself “I’m gonna marry that guy” andddd this week we’ll actually be celebrating TEN FREAKING YEARS OF MARRIAGE. Someone buy that man a beer because it’s a lot of work to be married to me, EL OH EL.

In those thirteen years we’ve lived in 5 houses through Virginia, Georgia, and Florida. We had two beautiful babies: Charlie-Gene is 8 and Cash is 5! You may see them being CRAY around the store if you’re local. It’s their favorite place to be.

We moved 2 years ago almost to the day to North Carolina from Ft Lauderdale Florida. My husband was going from Active Duty to Reserves and we knew we wanted to be by family for once (military life is so isolating sometimes..) so we hopped on Realtor.com and I randomly fell in love with a house in Clayton. We bought it without seeing it and closed 30 days later right at the start of the pandemic. (Very on brand for me and my everyday life.)

And let me just say, moving during a pandemic and having literally no way to make friends or be in community with other women hurt my soul. And I felt really lost, and sad, and depressed. And I remember driving around downtown Clayton and I asked God why he moved my family here... and He said “You’re going to do amazing things in this community”.

A few months later we got a call out of the blue from the old owner of Holl and Main, asking us if we wanted to buy out the boutique and it was an immediate yes.

We had no experience in owning a brick and mortar. We had no experience in retail. Honestly, most people probably thought we were insane. But I’ve woken up everyday for the last 16 months with the biggest smile on my face figuring this crazy world out.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how God uses ordinary people like me everyday to do extraordinary things.. And what we’ve created here at Enchanted on Main is pretty extraordinary. It’s been such a privilege to get to know you and to have you shop with us.

Thank you for being here and letting me share some of my FEELS! I can’t wait to use this blog to connect with you more!

I hope you love the New Arrivals today! Can’t wait to see you in them!



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